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What We’re All About

During 2020, A lot of things changed in our world and adjustments needed to be made. An event planner for over 10 years, CEO Tia Lawton was faced with the challenge of making money when the world (and all the events in it) had been shut down. 

One thing she has always been passionate about since her MySpace and Open Diary days, was social media. Though there is much negative surrounding it, she has always seen the benefits of these platforms as ways to authentically connect with people no matter where they are located. 

She started helping people with their businesses through social media. A natural connector of people and talent, she was able to build a strong following and reputation in the community.

Sunny Days Social was launched in August 2020 to help small business owners by managing their social media accounts. She also offers training, consultation, and implementation for small businesses who need help building their brand on social media.

We are here to help small business owners and solopreneurs amplify their message using social media so they can grow their following, generate referrals & sales and get more leads.

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CEO & Coach

As a social media manager and certified business coach, Tia has helped numerous businesses and individuals take their social media accounts to the next level.

As a long time event planner, she also has an extensive background in project management and organization. She is passionate about continuing education and catching up on trending technology.

Fun 'Get To Know Me' Facts: Avid traveller & Cat lover

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