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Small business owners can benefit enormously from social media, but many lack the time or expertise to do it well (to say nothing of the fact that they don't understand all the jargon). If you're a small business owner and want to learn how to set up and run your social media accounts, we offer 1 on 1 and team coaching where we teach you how.

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We transform businesses into social media superstars.

As a business owner, it can feel really overwhelming to try and communicate effectively across a variety of different media. I'm here to help.

Media is everywhere and in everything. You can’t escape it. That is why we need to learn how to use media in a business context in order to grow your business and increase your clients’ sales.


Learn the best practices, strategies and how-to’s that Sunny Days Social has mastered so you can market & grow your business for more clients & customer acquisition through the art of media.

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Small business owners face the challenge of balancing a lot of tasks and it can be easy to let social media slip down the priority list.  Asa Mae Media offers social media training and online scheduling tools for small businesses – just what you need to boost brand awareness and grow your following!


Perfect your visual storytelling. Building a better brand starts with the perfect design. Canva design classes provide you with all the skills you need to create professional designs that will help your brand stand out.


The right podcast can transform your business. But how do you make one? That's where Asa Mae Media can help. Learn how to create a podcast in a quick and manageable way.

Ready to Conquer your Social Media Game??

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